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We believe in finding what’s new and undiscovered in fashion, food, beauty and fun for like minded ladies. We look for the genuine, authentic and the next hot thing that elicits a smile when discovered. We want to have that feeling daily, why not we all deserve it!

We deliver inspiration when we find it via our free email newsletter and on our website. Be sure to sign up and get a smile 🙂 delivered right to your inbox.
Gia, Co-Founder Shopping Insider

What is Shopping Insider?
Shopping Insider is a free newsletter and website for women that provides tips on what’s new, hot and yet undiscovered in fashion, food & drinks, beauty, health & fitness and fun.

We like to find out secrets about how to get that hot new thing before anyone else, access to the sale before it happens or a tip how to get something at a better price all year long.

How long are the articles?
Our pieces are short (hey we still have day jobs and do this for fun), get to the point and give you what you need to know to bring a smile to your face. If you are looking for a novel, this is not the place.

How do I sign up?
Thank you for asking. Sign up here for free. You can also read our website 24/7. You’ll want to make sure to sign up for the newsletter because it takes a day or two for what’s in the newsletter to get onto our site and we do not want you to miss out on anything.

Will you sell my email to anyone?
No. Never. We are sick of spam, junk mail and anything like it ourselves.

How do you make money?
Good question. We make money through advertising. Advertising comes in one format, sponsored links appear to the side or at the bottom of our email newsletter. These sections are always labeled “Sponsor” so you know where the editorial stops and ads start.

On occasion an advertiser may sponsor a dedicated email that you receive from us. The advertiser never sees or has access to our email list. Sending this sort of email is not something we take lightly and will only allow if the product or service is something that fits the spirit of our community.

Our editorial content is authentic, meaning our editorial content can not be bought. If you read something on Shopping Insider it’s because we found it, we like it and we believe you might like it as well.

I have a tip about a product, place, event and/or service that I think Shopping Insider readers would love to learn about. How can I get a hold of you?
Awesome we like you already, we’re always looking for tips from fellow trend-spotters and explorers. Please send us an email to suggestions at ShoppingInsider.com to submit your tip. When you write to us about the product (a new undiscovered brand, a great pair of shoes, stockings, a great bag or pair of earnings) please make sure to give us as many details as possible.

Please also let us know if you are related to what you are writing us about in anyway such as the owner is a friend, you are getting paid to do promotion or what. The same goes for places. events or services.

I’d like to be an Editor for Shopping Insider, how do I get in touch?
We’re always looking for like minded ladies to join or group. Please contact us and include a description of your background, areas of interest you’d like to cover and why you would be good at it.

Email FAQ’s

I signed up but have not received my email yet, what’s going on?
We’re sorry, that stinks. Most of the time when this happens we find the reason is because the email is getting blocked or marked as junk by your email program.

Please check your junk mail box and make sure to add [email protected] to your safe sender list.

I changed my email address and still want to get my newsletter.
No problem, simply go to our newsletter sign up page and enter your new address.

If your old email has been discontinued our system will pick up the bounced email address and delete it from our system automatically.

I want to change the email address I receive my Shopping Insider newsletter.
We can get that done in two shakes of a lambs tail. Go to the bottom of newsletter sent to your old email and hit “Unsubscribe”. That email is now unsubscribed.

Now go to our newsletter sign up page and enter your new email address. You’re all set.

Thanks for all your questions, if we missed something please email us.

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