Best Screen Cleaner- Whoosh!

Best Screen Cleaner: Whoosh!

A few years ago I went on the Apple forums asking what the best screen cleaner was to use. Some said distilled water, some said don’t do that. Then one day I had to go to the Apple Genius bar to get my computer fixed and saw a screen cleaner they were using called Whoosh!

I went back on the forums and suggested people use it because I saw the Apple techs using it.

I got attacked from a guy on the forum who said Apple would never use that he’s an expert etc…

Soooo, when I went back to the Genius bar to pick up my computer I asked a geniuses about it and he said they buy it by the case and love it. I snapped this shot and posted it on the Apple forum and never heard from the bully again 😉

Best Screen Cleaner: Whoosh!
Best Screen Cleaner: Whoosh!


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