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Des Rocs has wanted to be a rock star since he was a second grader in Long Island.

His Twitter bio says, “brings rock n’ roll” back to the people. I’ve seen him live and let me tell you he takes his mission damned seriously.

His music will remind you of Elvis Presley and his stage presence will remind you of Freddie Mercury. The guy bleeds charisma and has a unique swagger all his own that you just can’t tear your eyes and ears away from.

His music is full of energy and drama. It’s bluesy, it’s raw, it’s rock n’ roll.

The “roll” part is very important.

It’s got screaming, growly, fuzzy guitar riffs and punchy driving base lines. The drums command attention. It’s electric. Des Rocs make BIG music.

It’s fun party music and its inspirational pick yourself up and dust yourself off music.

Rock has been put in a box in recent years. We’ve patronized rock by putting the word “classic” in front it. Making something that changed the world sound dusty and irrelevant.

This artist is going to explode the box.

It took me 3 times as long to write this article as it should have. I was listening to the music and I couldn’t sit still. I needed a dance break. The sound gets in your bones. It’s infectious.

Des Rocs is bringing back the soul and va-voom that flat modern pop wouldn’t recognize if it got smacked in the face with it.

Do yourself a favor and give his EPs and singles a listen and enjoy the shot of adrenaline to your soul.

Listen to Des Rocs here or wherever you get your music from!

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