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Fact: diamonds aren’t actually that rare.

DeBeers has restricted the supply of diamonds since 1888 to sit right under the rate of demand. When diamond engagement rings gained widespread popularity in the 1920s the plan paid off. The price of a diamond shot up.

Now, it’s a well-known fact that a large portion of the worlds diamond supply comes from South Africa. What a lot of brides to be forget though, is how many people shed blood, sweat, and tears to put that rock on her finger.

South African war lords use 21st century slave labor to mine diamonds. The stones then end up in the hands of jewelers who turn a blind eye to the diamonds checkered history.

Luckily there are people who think there is a better way.

Murad and Nataly Osmann from @followmeto on Insta, have taken a dive into jewelry making.

The Follow Your Love jewelry company specializes in cruelty free, lab grown diamonds. Rest assured, a lab grown diamond still has the same structural, chemical makeup, and visual identity to a “normal” diamond.

A lab grown diamond is actually more flawless that a “normal” diamond. No conditions exist to create flaws. For example, unpredictable temperature changes or the introduction of unfavorable elemental exposure.

On top of the promise of a clean conscience after your proposal, Follow Your Love has a stunning portfolio of designs.

The most striking of the options is the brand’s line one of a kind lotus flower inspired engagement rings. (If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment you can get the same design as a pair of earrings.)

More good news- a Follow Your Love ring will cost about 20%-30% less than a ring of comparable size from other jewelers.

There’s a stigma that follows around lab grown diamonds. The idea that it’s not romantic that the stone grew in a couple of days vs millions of years. I’d rather be able to sleep soundly knowing that no one was brutally injured to make a ring.

Check them out online here.

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