Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eye Liner
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Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eye Liner

It’s never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she’s late. Cat eyes can be styled a million different ways. No matter which way you choose it still takes forever. Which is why when searching for the perfect product for the job, we’re very selective. And rightfully so, the skin around the eyes is crazy fragile. The list of qualifications is pretty endless. The solution? Eyeko.

Eyeko is a London based cosmetics company. Their line of felt tip liquid liner pens are amazing.

The pens are made with water, conditioning algae extract, and black magic. Literally. They stock a product called black magic. It includes a special blend of ingredients to help stimulate lash growth.

They’ve been featured in numerous acclaimed fashion magazines for their quality formulas. I was able to keep a smudge free look for 12 hours with minimal flaking. Toward the end of the day I did start to see a little over all fading. But at the end of my test run, it all came right off with face wash and water.

I had done a little research before purchasing anything from Eyeko. So I had high expectations, and they delivered.

Doing cat eyes is usually like pulling teeth, but Eyeko eyeliner pens at least get you results that are worth it.

Check it out Eyeko’s Black Magic Liner for yourself!

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