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Expressing your love for all the wonderful things in the world got a lot easier. Yay! Life makes stickers, bag tags, trucker hats, and iron on patches all emblazoned with the word “Yay!” followed by something like trees, creativity, caffeine, or beer.

They’re so fun and simple. Most designs are two-toned but some special items use all the colors of the rainbow in one design. With only two words, the stickers and magnets convey plenty of excitement. They’re just plain happy and there’s an option for everyone.

From people who love their sisters to bigfoot enthusiasts, there are plenty of options. Magnets are $3.75 USD and stickers are $4.00 USD. There’s no reason not to get all of them! I’m a fan of Yay! Mountains!

The Moment of Truth…

I have a bookshelf at home that I refurbished, on one upright side of the shelf I put a bunch of stickers. I’ve come to learn that cheaply made decals don’t stick to latex paint very well. Yay! stickers, are defnitely very sticky. I used the corners of that sticker to hold down the corners of another cheap sticker.

The philosophy at the company is that “Yay” is the antidote for cynicism. If this proves true I’ll be the first to buy a thousand stickers. Then I’ll put them on every stationary surface I can find within a hundred mile radius.

You can find Yay! Life gear at your local REI or online at YayLife.com

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