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Yuhme Water Bottles

Using a reusable water bottles is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. They’re also better for your wallet. Buying a single-use bottle whenever you’re thirsty adds up. A great water bottle looks good on your desk, maybe it serves as a stylish accessory and it fits in a cup holder. There is a company out of Sweden by married couple Alexandra & Alexander (Alex & Alex), that checks all those boxes. Plus a handful more beyond that. Yuhme is the name of the company. The site currently sells 4 designs, but they pack a serious punch.

Easily the most environmentally and socially responsible water bottle on earth…

Yuhme bottles are made out of a plastic made from sugar cane instead of petroleum. The bottles are manufactured in eco-friendly friendly factories to lessen the burden on the planet.

The bottles are also made in accordance with fair trade labor practices. This ensures that the people making them are fairly compensated well for their work.

– this next fact is a huge one-

The company donates 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic for each sale! 

Right now they have a special edition bottle, The Change. Purchasing that one not comes with the normal donation of 6 months of water. But on top of that, the company will match that donation to the Perfect World Foundation. (Cool people trying to save polar bears)

Alex & Alex said, “We refuse to sit here and hope that someone else is going to solve our problems when we can all stand up and lead by example ourselves.”

The bottles are BPA and toxin free. They’re CO2 negative. They’re 100% recyclable, they’re dishwasher safe, they fit in cupholders. They ship worldwide, they’re cheaper than S’well and Hydroflask.

And they’re pretty, click on the link here to buy one now.

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