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If you only take one piece of advice from me let it be this- Go check out Peak design.

I’ve used a lot of stuff to carry around my cameras and accompanying gear. I have collected items from a variety of different brands. I’ve used tried and true old brands and signed up for waitlists from startups. But now I’ve finally found a brand to be loyal to.

This company has magical gadgets and gizmos. Their leashes, straps, and bags are all made to fit and attach to each other in a way that is seamless and secure.

Peak Design’s capture clip is the coolest thinga-ma-bob to ever be hewn from a chunk of stainless steel. The clip attaches to the strap of a bookbag or belt. It works by keeping your camera affixed to whatever you’ve chosen to attach it to without swinging around.

There’s also an adapter for lenses so you can swap in and out with ease. It’s easy to use. Unscrew one side of the clip to open it up and attach it to something. Then you screw it shut, attach the plate to the bottom of your camera and slide the plate into the clip. Your camera wont budge until you push the button to slide it out.

It’s crazy that no one has come up with this before.

The capture clip is an awesome tool that makes carrying a DSLR around a lot less of a pain in the ass.

Peak Design is a PHENOMINAL company. Every single product they make uses the same anchoring device. So everything attaches to everything else quickly, easily, and securely to over 200lbs. You could drag a kid or two around by a little piece of crazy strong plastic no longer than your index finger. Nowhere else have I found a such a complete and integrated gear carrying system.

Peak Design is the holy grail of durability, sustainability, function and style. I would recommend Peak Design to any type of photographer with my whole heart.

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